Best Testosterone Boosters – Which Ones to Use!

If there was one thing that I wished I could have done, it would be to start using testosterone boosters sooner than I ended up doing. These supplements are still legal (as of right now) and are widely available to get. What these supplements will do is raise your natural level of testosterone. Why this is important to you is because you will be able to gain more muscle, have more endurance in the gym, and get stronger than before. These three benefits stack up very nicely together if you are looking to get faster results from your workouts.

Sadly, not every testosterone boosting supplement out there will do this. Even worse, most of them that people try are usually duds. They might bring up the testosterone levels you have a little bit, or not at all. Luckily, I am here to bring you a nice little list you might want to bookmark. This list is the result of about 50 testosterone boosters out there that I have tried. So, I will stop yapping away here on the keyboard and let you check out the list below!

Highest Rated Test Boosters for 2015-2016

1. Testogen

testogen bottle303

Testogen gets the number one spot here because of how well it worked. This product is made all naturally, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects. Also, it a supplement that is strong enough to really bulk you up nicely. An additional plus of using this product was that I lost some body fat, which is always nice. If you want a supplement that was made to give you actual results, you might want to look at getting this one.

I think that they did a great job, if replicating something that strong was their goal. This one kicks in hard and fast, so be ready. Expect to see, strength increases, more muscle, and a big boost in the libido department.

2. Testo Max

bottle of testo max1

Testo Max is a testosterone booster that is made by Crazy Bulk. A big reason why I thought to rate this supplement so highly is because of how well it works. I would dare to say that it is, probably, the second strongest test booster that I have had the chance to try, based on results. This product was made to actually be a natural alternative to the way more dangerous injectable testosterone, you know, the heavy duty stuff.

Testo Max did not seemed to be dosed as strong as Testogen, but it was still strong enough for me to see actual results. Let me note that actually getting results with just any old testosterone booster.

How We Found The Best Testosterone Booster on the Market

This was something that was not done quickly (or easily). I started going back through my old notebooks and checked through all of the testosterone boosters I have actually tried. Another thing that made this a little bit trickier, was that most test boosters kick in at about the 1-2 week mark. I knew this would take a lot longer than a protein powder or pre workout type project.

One thing that I used to help manage this big list of products was a certain criteria. If a product did not meet each and every one of the criteria presented, it was removed from even being close to having a spot on this list. The criteria that these products have to meet were the following:

  • Did the product give me muscle gains?
  • Was there an increase in how much I could lift/how long I could lift it?
  • Is the product fairly priced? (Yeah, I’m a cheapskate!)
  • No side effects reported with using the product in question.
  • BONUS: Any positive effects in the bedroom?

Based on all of this, I delved into the list and started making some cuts. You would have been amazed at how quickly my list of 50-60 thinned out fast! From there, I wanted to pick which ones met all of these important criteria but did it in the best ways.

Over the Counter Testosterone: What Separates the Good from the Bad

Now, I want to level with you, a lot of the times it can be hard to tell at first. As I have said before, these kinds of supplements are one whose results will show after a week, at the earliest. You must be patient if you are wanting to try and see which testosterone booster supplements will work best for you. These types of supplements are a dime a dozen in today’s fitness supplement world. There are so many out there that it is honestly hard to keep track of.

As newer innovations take over the supplement world, you will continue to be seeing more and more products added to the shelves. As you hit your mid twenties, you might be paying more and more attention to this particular section of the supplement store because that is when, most likely, your testosterone levels will start to lower.

So, with all of this in mind, I hoped that this helped you out to make an informed decision over which test boosting supplement you might want to choose. I highly recommend the products mentioned in the list above. Due to the fact, that you came here to make a smarter choice, I thank you.

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