My Pump Fixx Results and Review

Looking back on some of the supplements that I have tried in the past, I found a certain preworkout that I had neglected to review before. Not for any specific reason, just never got around to it. Without further adieu, let’s see how I felt about using Pump Fixx, a preworkout product made by Advanced Muscle Science.

pump fixx review

A Quick Rundown of Pump Fixx

Pump Fixx is a preworkout supplement that was made to give you more energy. In it’s proprietary blend, here is some of what it contains: beta-alanine, taurine, creatinol, arginine, caffeine, and beta-phenylethylamine. This is a concentrated product and you will probably have to adjust your dose over time. Being that it does contain caffeine, expect the intensity of this ingredient to max out over time, meaning that you may have to use more than one scoops. The maximum amount to be taken, as seen on the actual label is three scoops, so keep that in mind.

My Results with this Supplement

If I could give you a heads up, before you read on, do not put this supplement in a white cup. If you have already done that, remove it quickly into another cup. I know that this sounds weird but it totally ruined the white cup that I used to mix it in. Pump Fixx didn’t eat through the cup, or anything like that, it just stained it…permanently. Also, I have this supplement in the orange flavor and the taste wasn’t all that great. It was drinkable but, being carbonated (get ready, shaker cups), it just didn’t jive that well with my stomach. As far as I am concerned, if I want fizzy, I will go drink a soda.

Mourning the loss of that cup, as I knew that the orange would never wash out (it never did), I decided I might as well drink it all down. I was kind of mad about the cup but let it go right about when the immense wave of energy swept over me. That tingly feeling that you get from beta alanine came on fast and strong. I was actually getting a little bit itchy, which let me know that it was working.

About ten minutes after I started feeling tingly, the second wave of Pump Fixx hit me, this time it was the energy boosters. I was starting to change my tune about how much I liked this supplement, it was starting to slowly win me over.

Pros and Cons:


  • One of the least expensive preworkouts out there.
  • All of you beta-alanine fans will be in for a treat, think intense tingles!


  • Pump Fixx permanently stained my white Taco Bell plastic cup from the 90’s, be warned and goodbye old friend.
  • I didn’t like the fizziness of this product but I don’t like carbonated preworkout powders, you might feel differently!

To Sum It All Up:

Pick this one up, if you can still find it. When I purchased it, it was one of the cheaper preworkout supplements that I have yet to find. As long as you don’t use a white cup, I think most will really like it. This supplement isn’t for wusses, be prepared for a hard-hitting wave of energy and tingles. If you are strong enough to weather the storm, you will be in for a good time and an intense workout!



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