1-Db Overdrive Review with Results

Made by 1st Phorm, this supplement is a fat burner, something you would want to utilize when trying to lose weight. I actually really liked the strength of this product. I had energy to burn, while still keeping my food cravings under control. What I really like was that I could get my big meals in, without having to fight the urge to make those midnight trips to the refrigerator. As someone who sweats more than the average person, you need to know that this product is a thermogenic. A thermogenic is a supplement that raises your internal temperature. Although that sounds scary, it isn’t as bad as it seems, all it means is that you will ramp up your metabolism.

1 db overdrive review

Product Overview:

If you weigh in at less than 190 pounds, you will only want to take a maximum of two capsules per day. I know that this is a very specific number but I got this information from the label, if they make it then they know what they are talking about. Being that different people have certain limits for caffeine, you will want to first assess your tolerance to 1-Db Overdrive. When we look at the tolerance information, this is where things become a little more complicated. To make a long story short, take one capsule and see how you feel. Worse comes to worse, you won’t fell much and you can adjust the serving. Better to be safe than sorry, there are those who may feel like one capsule is too much for them.

My Results with Taking 1-DB Overdrive

1st Phorm has some amazing protein flavors and they have taken that same commitment to quality with their fat burning supplement. This one is strong, so please following the rules for assessing your tolerance to this supplement, it can get intense. Also, you can expect to be sweatier than you usually are (gross but true), since this supplement has thermogenic properties. I would have times where I would walk into a gas station and start sweating, just waiting in line. This sweat wasn’t drenching me from head to toe but I did have to swipe my forehead a couple of times, kind of embarrassing. However, I can’t fault the supplement itself for this, as I am already someone whose sweat glands seem to work overtime! I also noticed that when I would use this supplement before my workouts that I would have more energy, which was great. It wasn’t like I was bouncing off of every wall I could find but it was still good and clean energy.


  • Great way to shed a bit of excess weight.
  • Loaded with ingredients that are scientifically studied.


  • Supplement could be too strong for those sensitive to caffeine.

In Summary:

With hundreds of varying thermogenic supplements designed to help you lose fat out there, it can be easy to be confused. While not the best that I have ever tired, 1-Db Overdrive wouldn’t be too far from the top. If you want to lose weight, without getting rid of all of your muscle, this would be a good choice. Start out slowly with this supplement and fully assess your tolerance to the ingredients within. After you know how many capsules your body can handle, you could experience the need to move up, regarding how much of this product to take.


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