My Xat-7 Review: Seven Ways to Fight Fat

review of xat 7

Top Secret Nutrition has come out with a fat burning supplement that should be anything but a secret! Known as Xat-7, it combines being an anabolic with the power to help you shed that annoying extra fat laying around. The actual name of this product might not make a lot of sense, at first, but the seven comes from how many different strategies this compound will bring about to help you stay skinny. With any weight loss supplement, there will always be questions about if using this will rob you of any recent muscle you have gained.
I also wanted to mention that if you have any problems with having caffeine in your diet, you might want to skip getting Xat-7, as it does contain caffeine anhydrous listed as one of its ingredients. I found that the amount of caffeine was just about right. I can’t say how much, in terms of milligrams, is in Xat-7, since they do use a proprietary blend. You won’t have to wonder if you are going to be a shaking mess all day, I had enough energy to notice it, the caffeine amount wasn’t enough to make me feel weird. I did notice that my stomach was grumbling a bit in the afternoon but I would still not feel like I actually had to eat something.

My Results Using This Product

I started taking two capsules (the recommended dosage on the label) in the morning, upon waking. I was still able to eat a smaller breakfast, strictly to meet my macro numbers for the day. I found that I wasn’t roaming the vending machines before lunch, like I normally would. During this time of the year, as warmer weather is slowly approaching, I like to keep my daily meal calorie total at around 2,500. It is stated that you will want to take two capsules, two times a day. I tried to space my times out and would end up taking the last dosage of the day right after dinner. By waiting so long for the second amount of capsules, I was able to enjoy a nice meal and curb those unhealthy midnight snacking sessions.

Pros and Cons of Xat-7:


  • Containing caffeine, you know you are going to have energy during a caloric deficit.
  • With seven different ways to fight fat, you should see noticeable weight loss.


  • You will need to use four capsules a day, which can be tough to remember for some.

My Final Word on This Supplement

When it is said that no other product can come close to how many ways that Xat-7 attacks fat, it is hard to make an argument against that. Something that always help to not only bring about, but can increase the amount of weight that you lose would be enzymes that help you digest. Even if you are able to digest the food that you eat, you still may not be digesting in the quickest way possible. When slow digestion occurs, it not only leads to heartburn but can also impair the rate at which your food metabolizes. If you do have a slow metabolism, you stand a greater chance of ending up being overweight. If you are wanting to lose the spare tire, Xat-7 could be the supplement to do it. Fighting what helps to add more fat onto our frame, you are in good hands by picking this one up, if you see it available!

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