Marine Muscle Cutting Stack Review

marine muscle cutting stack

Final Rating for the Marine Muscle Cutting Stack: 4.5 / 5 Stars

The Marine Muscle cutting stack is used to help you lose weight while gaining muscle. Cutting is a bodybuilding term that means to cut or lose weight. If someone says they are trying to cut 20 pounds, it means losing 20 pounds.

Marine Muscle is a newer company based out of the United States. Currently, this company only ships their supplements to the United States only.

This stack just means another word for a group of supplements. All supplements in this stack are in capsule form, meaning no injecting anything! This review will cover more about each supplement, pros and cons, where to find this stack, and much more!

What’s in the Marine Muscle Cutting Stack?

The Marine Muscle Cutting Stack is made of four different supplements. The four supplements are called Alpha, Trooper, Colonel, and Winger. Combining these supplements helps to ensure you have less fat and more muscle but how? Let’s look closer at each supplement to find out how they work!

Alpha – Provides Insane Energy

Alpha is a supplement made to eliminate both visceral and subcutaneous fat. The fat mainly around your stomach area is subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is that which is around the internal organs. Having large amounts of either of these fats is unhealthy.

You don’t want to be overweight but you can’t find a way to get rid of that.  Working out is the perfect way to lose weight but finding the energy is tough. Alpha works by increasing your phosphocreatine levels. In English, that means it gives you more energy and endurance.

Numerous studies have shown exercising is a great way to lose weight. Alpha gives you the energy to start working out. I’ve been working out for almost 10 years and Alpha worked extremely well for helping me to power through my workouts. My energy and endurance were way better than normal. Hour long workouts were challenging but never felt hard or impossible.

Trooper – Naturally Boosts Testosterone

trooperIf you haven’t used a testosterone booster, let me fill you in on them. Many testosterone boosters on the market are basically junk. Many testosterone supplements give you about as much of a boost as a sugar pill would.

However, there are still a few good testosterone supplements left out there. Trooper is in capsule form and boosts your testosterone naturally. Natural boosts in testosterone mean no extra body hair or acne like what would be seen with injectable heavy duty grade testosterone.

Trooper contains tribulus terrestris and DHEA, two ingredients made to boost your testosterone. Natural boosts in testosterone are known for increasing mood, muscle size, and ability to lose fat.

Colonel – Fast Fat Burner

Colonel is a thermogenic supplement which means it boosts your metabolism. People with fast metabolisms will burn off fat at a faster pace. On the other hand, slower metabolisms burn fat slower.

This supplement works to boost your basal metabolism rate. Having a faster metabolism will mean you lose fat faster. I loved this supplement because it works on days when you aren’t exercising! How cool is that?

In addition Colonel also contains turmeric which has been shown to help you lose extra fat. Turmeric is also an anti-inflammatory which helps to speed up post-workout recovery time. Within about two weeks of using Colonel, I had already dropped 10 pounds.

Winger – So Many Good Things

Winger is listed last here but it just might be the best part of the entire stack. The reason I loved Winger so much was because of one simple ingredient known as Pregnenolone. This ingredient boosts strength, energy, and vascularity. Oh, and it also reduces body fat.

The reason Pregnenolone is so awesome is what it does once it enters the body. Pregnenolone causes increases in alsosterone, testosterone, and DHEA. What this means is that one ingredient basically turns into three muscle builders in the body. I’ve never even heard of that happening with anything I’ve reviewed.

Where Can I Find This Cutting Stack?

This stack is only available through the official website of Marine Muscle. These supplements are only available to ship to the United States. However, Marine Muscle does include an awesome site-wide deal. If you buy one stack, you get another one free which is amazing. I wish more supplement companies had such good deals.

What I Liked:

  • Four supplements filled with ingredients proven by science to work
  • Perfect for anyone looking to lose body fat while gaining muscle
  • Increases energy and endurance which makes workouts easier
  • Easier and faster results than diet and exercise alone

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Product only available through one website
  • Only ships to the United States

In conclusion, the Marine Muscle cutting stack is perfect for anyone trying to lose body fat while gaining muscle. The four supplements in this stack help you in a different way to achieve your fitness goals. Taking all four supplements together speeds up how fast you lose fat and gain muscle. I highly recommend the Marine Muscle Cutting Stack if you want serious results.




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