My REDuction PM Shot Review: Great for Losing Fat?

reduction bottle

A Brief History of REDuction

This supplement is made by Controlled Labs. If you have not heard of them yet, they are actually a big name within the supplement industry. I have tried some of their protein before and loved it. I had been hearing quite a bit about this product, so I figured that I should check it out. This product is mainly made for the goal of losing some fat. Since it does have PM on the label, you are going to want to use this one right before you go to bed.

I had heard different things from people that have tried it, so I wanted to show you what all I have to say about this supplement. Let’s take a look at the key ingredients, how it worked, and my final thoughts over this one.

Key Ingredients in this Supplement

This product contains some ingredients that you may have seen before, and some that you probably have not. Topping the list of ingredients, we have the following in this product:

  • Cordia Salicifolia
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Valeriana Officinalis Root
  • L-Teanine
  • Griffonia Seed Extract

I have heard many different things about raspberry ketones, and although the opinion out there is mixed, I feel that this is an awesome ingredient that works well in this supplement. After looking further into these supplements, it is easy to see why they choice what they did to put in this stuff. The ingredients listed here are all ones that will work well if you are wanting to lose some weight.

The flavor for this supplement is apple cinnamon, something that you do not see very often for a nutrition product. I wanted to say that, right off of the bat, I thought that this drink tasted really good. Controlled Labs is a company that always seems to hit the target perfectly, as far as taste is concerned. One big thing that this product will go, as opposed to other fat burning products, is make you sleep. This product contains no amount of caffeine, or any other stimulants in it, making it a great choice for those of us who want to lose fat without all of that crazy energy.

I have heard some people say that it actually keeps them awake, it didn’t do for this for me, the results were quite the opposite. I would recommend that you stick to a smaller size tub of this product, to see which side of the fence that you are on, in regards to it making you sleep more or keeping you awake.

The Final Word on REDuction PM Shot

While not being the best fat burning product that I have ever tried, I could definitely see me using this as a sort of combination of something that will help to sleep better while also trimming some fat. This one would be ideal for those summer months where you are wanting to trim down some body fat. This one would be an ever higher recommendation if you have any trouble going to bed at night. The flavor of this supplement was awesome, as long as you use the right amount of water. REDuction helped me to sleep like a baby and, overall, I was able to lose a little bit of body fat.

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