My Pure Karbolyn Review: Good Carb Substitute?

review of pure karbolyn

A Brief Overview of Pure Karbolyn

This supplement is made by Professional Supplements, a company based out of Texas. I had not been able to try any products by this company, besides this one. However, they do make some really great apparel. If you can imagine some of the best shirts to wear to the gym, you have got an idea in mind of just how cool their shirts really are. Getting back on track, the supplement up for a review is called Pure Karbolyn. One thing that I liked, right off the bat, is how many different times you can use this product.

For example, you can take this supplement before, during, or even after your workout. The reason that you can do this is because of just how well carbs work to help your lifting progress. Your body is going to need more energy than a normal one would, due to the extra work that you will be doing when you train. This is just one reason of many as to why having the proper carbohydrate supplementation will work wonders for the progress (or lack thereof) that you will end up making.

Main Ingredients Contained in This Supplement

Well, this one may leave you a bit underwhelmed or happy, depending on who you are. The only ingredient contained in this supplement is, of course, something called pure karbolyn. What is important to remember when talking about strictly ingredients, is just how this ingredient is created. This company uses a special process to ensure that the carbs that you are going to be ingesting are of the purest form possible. By creating their ingredients this way, this company is able to give you something that will allow those carbs to travel quicker through the stomach. Having these carbs leave your stomach quicker allows them to end up where they need to be, in your muscles.

Having the carbs go straight to your muscle groups will give you a great pump. As you know, the pump is that feeling that occurs when your own muscles literally feel bigger and more pumped up. As I have mentioned, carbohydrates are your base source of energy. By having more carbs in your muscles, as opposed to sitting in your stomach, you should also notice an increase in endurance while pumping that iron.

My Final Word on Pure Karbolyn

If you are in need of something to give you more of those good carbs, not just the ones you could find anywhere, I would highly recommend that you get your hands on Pure Karbolyn. With this stuff leaving the stomach quickly and heading straight to your muscles, you know that you are going to be feeling the pump. I know that when I would take this supplement, it felt like my muscles were much fuller and denser than before.

The flavors that this product comes in are awesome and each one of them that I could try were all amazing. My favorite one was the orange flavor but they all tasted so great, that it is hard to pick a definitive favorite. The Karbolyn mixed amazingly well with water and will be an easy supplement to take with you whenever you go and workout. Stop letting those empty carbohydrates just sit in your stomach and do nothing for you, instead, send that valuable energy straight into your muscles!

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