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pehnorex review
This supplement has been a long time staple of when I need to lose some body fat. Made by the Gaspari company, Phenorex is an awesome supplement. First, I want to really quickly let you know the lucky reason I have this supplement and so much of it.

A little while back, there was a big contest going on at a huge bodybuilding event. I was not personally at this event but I did not that it was streaming online. Being bored one early weekend morning, I saw that they were having contests going on and were giving away year supplies of certain supplements. I kid you not, Phenorex came up and I threw my hat into the race. I knew that there was no way that I was going to win.

However, I was proven wrong, because I almost spat out my breakfast cereal when my screen name was called out over the entire livestream! Yes, I actually won a ton of Phenorex from this giveaway. I figured that due to the generosity of the giveaway, I could be fair and give this product an honest review.

Phenorex: A Brief Overview

Phenorex, is first and foremost, a fat burner supplement. A fat burner supplement can be seen as kind of self-explanatory, but I will look closer for you at just what that really means. A fat burner is going to be something that will keep you energized while also reducing your appetite. By doing these two things together, this is how fat loss occurs. The best kinds of these supplements will do this easily and in a balanced and healthy way.

The worst ones, will be supplements that you don’t even really feel kick in. Even worse, over time you will feel no different and potentially be stuck with a supplement that doesn’t really offer any benefits. Luckily, Phenorex is a supplement that, in my opinion, works amazingly well. Now, let’s look at the key ingredients of this supplement.

Top Ingredients in this Supplement:

Caffeine is a heavy hitter on this ingredient profile and it is easy to see why. Caffeine actually works really well in most fat burner supplements. Due to its ability to reduce your appetite while giving you energy (based upon how much is in something), it is easy to see why this ingredient is here. Moving on from that, we have Vitamin B6 and B12, two ingredients that work amazingly well for losing fat. A big selling point of this supplement is its ability to stand out from the pack by helping you retain muscle while losing fat.

In the bodybuilding world, this is a big concern. The bodybuilders out there do not want to risk losing any muscle just to trim down. Although, you know that is something that will happen, you will want to minimize the amount of muscle that you lose. Phenorex is perfect for those looking to keep that mass where it belongs.

My Personal Results Using Phenorex

This supplement was a long-time staple of my supplement regimen. I loved that this product kicked in and you really felt your energy skyrocket. As someone who usually does not eat breakfast, I would usually pop one or two of these in the morning and go about my day. I am definitely not condoning this type of behavior as I feel it is essential to eat breakfast. However, these pills definitely came in handy for those mornings where breakfast was not an option.

This product was able to keep my crazy appetite at bay nearly all day. Even on the days where I would only take one pill, I was easily able to avoid snacking until lunch. One drawback that I did have with this supplement is taking all three in the morning. Now, this might be different for others but what would happen when I took three pills was not very fun. First, I felt like I had way too much energy all at once. Worse yet, since I took the maximum allowed amount, once that first dosage wore off, I wanted to eat everything in sight. Granted, this was about 8 hours later but still, the immense hunger was there.

My Final Word on this Supplement:

Phenorex is an amazing supplement, when you figure out how your body works best with it. Regarding when and how many to take, this will be something that you will have to find out your optimal schedule. For me, I would recommend that you space out 1-2 pills, twice per day. If you are a little more sensitive to caffeine or any kind of stimulants, you may need to step down what you are taking. I only mentioned the previous schedule that I did because this was my personal schedule and I am someone who can go a bit heavier in regards to caffeine.

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