5 Must-See Fitness Documentaries on Netflix

Netflix has changed the way we view media. This streaming service was originally known for sending DVDs (remember those?) through the mail. Netflix’s streaming service has taken off in recent years. While I do love Netflix, I have to admit it can be hard to find the right titles sometimes. Many people may think that there aren’t many weightlifting documentaries around. However, If you know where to look, you’ll find Netflix has several great exercise documentaries that are worth checking out. Here are five must-see exercises documentaries available on Netflix.

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5. Every Second Counts

Many people around the world regularly take part in CrossFit. Every Second Counts is a 2008 documentary that details just how grueling CrossFit is. This documentary highlights five participants taking part in the annual CrossFit Games. What these athletes go through in the name of competition is amazing and not to be missed.

4. The Perfect Physique

This film stars some of the biggest names in bodybuilding. I would have liked a bit more in the way of instructional workouts. However, you do get to heat some of the best bodybuilders of their generation speak about tips involving all things bodybuilding. The Perfect Physique is only about 90 minutes long so you don’t need to set aside a lot of time to watch it. I definitely recommend checking out this documentary, as you’ll likely learn more than a few new things.

3. Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron is, without a doubt, the classic bodybuilding documentary. This documentary was made before legendary bodybuilder/actor/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger was the widely known star that he is now. In this film, you’ll see another young bodybuilder aiming for a bodybuilding title, Lou Ferrigno. Many people will recognize Ferrigno from the 70s version of the Incredible Hulk. Pumping Iron is a great look into the world of bodybuilding in the 1970s and is very entertaining.

2. CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession

CT Fletcher is not a guy you want to mess with. Fletcher originally started out his career as a strongman, winning several awards. It all seemed like everything was going great for Fletcher until he suffered a massive heart attack. My Magnificent Obsession shows how you can never let tough times keep you down. I’m not going to spoil the many great moments throughout this documentary but if you enjoy a good redemption documentary (and who doesn’t?), you need to check this out.

1. Generation Iron

Generation Iron looks at a new generation of bodybuilders including Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, and Kai Greene. This documentary looks at the best professional bodybuilders as they compete to win the title of Mr. Olympia. During Generation Iron, you’ll see the insane preparation and lifestyle that goes into a bodybuilding competition. Watching these men is very motivating. You’ll laugh, you’ll feel inspired, and you’re going to want to hit the gym after watching this documentary.

It’s time to sign into Netflix and start watching these awesome documentaries. I wanted to note that this list is in no order. I personally found each one of these documentaries to be awesome. However, I wanted to include five picks because I know everyone loves a different style of fitness. I highly encourage to watch each of these documentaries, if possible. Watch documentaries about aspects of fitness that I hadn’t known about proved to be enlightening.

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