My Muscle Marinade Review by Purus Labs

bottlemusclemarinade2 and a half starsMuscle Marinade: 2.5/5

Overview of This Supplement

Muscle Marinade is a pre-workout powder made by Purus Labs. I had heard a bit about the supplement as it has been infamously reviewed online before. I wanted to give you all my honest take on the supplement. Purus Labs have made some of my favorite supplements out there, so I was eager to get their pre-workout a try.

Let me first start this off by going a little bit back into the smell of this product. I try not to be too mean on here but honestly when I open the container to start taking this product, the first smell that hit me was honestly dirty feet. Yes, the supplements smelled like dirty feet and the smell started to fill up my kitchen. The supplement honestly smelled so bad that I had to drink it by holding my nose with one hand and pouring that supplement back with the other. The one good thing here is that the taste did not match the smell. The taste was actually kind of pleasant but hard to taste with your nose plugged. I don’t know what the reason is behind this product smelling so bad, but hopefully it gets fixed in the future, as it seemed to not taste very bad. Once the smell issue is fixed, I would definitely up my grade for this by a couple of points.

As far as mixing is concerned, this product mix very well with simply a cup and spoon. There were no clumps or chunks of the pre-workout stuck to the bottom or sides of the cup. I was pretty pleased with how it mixed. There is nothing worse than using a pre-workout that you have to constantly mix and basically become a human washing machine just to drink. There were none of those issues here as the product mixed very well and rather quickly too, which was great.

Results with Using Muscle Marinade

I have been doing some grueling back to back workouts, sometimes twice a day, so I knew I needed something that would really take my energy to the next level. Muscle Marinade did a fairly good job of providing me with the energy needed to get through my second grueling workout on the same day. I had started the day with a leg workout and the workout that I would be using this product with for the first time would be a grueling and exhausting chest and back workout. This product was able to help me push through my normal energy levels and actually have a pretty good workout, with having the energy to be able to carry-on throughout the rest of the night.

Pros of Cons of This Supplement


  • Supplement worked very well with giving me energy.
  • Made by Purus Labs, a leader in providing us with some of the more powerful supplements out there.


  • Product smelled like dirty feet, I’m not kidding!

In summary, if you have a strong stomach or a week since of smell, Muscle Marinade could be the perfect supplement for you. However, if you have any sensitivity to bad smells, I would avoid this one at all costs. I’m not sure if maybe I just got a bad batch or something but the smell of this is really beyond words. And I am not being a sensitive Sally here, as there have been many other online reviews that can attest to the very same issues that I faced.

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