My Monster Amino Review: A Good BCAA?

One of the most important, yet vastly underrated, ways to have more productive workouts is with a good BCAA product. There are so many different ones out there, that finding the one for you could take ages. I hope to make your choices a little bit easier, with this review. I will be covering Monster Amino, a branched chain amino acid supplement made by Cytosport.

A Brief Overview of Monster Amino

monster amino resultsIf you haven’t used a BCAA supplement, you are missing out. This was one kind of supplement that I didn’t really take too much stock in, until later. I was ashamed that I had taken so long to jump upon the intra workout product bandwagon. When you find the right amino acid supplement, you will know by how much better your workouts get. The main aim of this product, or anyone in its category, will be to increase endurance, which will lead to better results outside of the gym.  The supplement that is the subject of this review attempts to stand out from the rest, by offering something different: a supplement with an amazing ingredient list. I want to now look closer at what makes up Monster Amino.

Loaded with different amino acids, this product really stands head and shoulders above most of the competition. I actually counted 23 different amino acids, as I was checking the label for this one. Wow, you can’t say that they aren’t giving you everything that they can pack in one serving, that’s for sure. I also saw citrulline malate as an ingredient, which is great for increasing the nitric oxide in your body, along with helping to ensure nutrients go where they should, to your muscles!

My Results Taking This Product

I have to say that Monster Amino really is what most other BCAA’s should aspire to be. The taste didn’t blow me away, but it made up for that where it counted, when I was pushing some weights. I felt more alert and less lazy while drinking a shaker full of this one when it came time to workout. After a short amount of time, I was slowly, but surely, adding some nice lean mass. Anything that you can use as an intra-workout product can really provide you with some sneaky gains in muscle, it is just that not everyone thinks these kinds of supplements are worth using. No matter where you stand on that issue, you owe it yourself to at least try a BCAA product, whether it be Monster Amino or something else.

Pros and Cons of Monster Amino:


  • Monster Amino was much easier to mix than other amino supplements.
  • The 8:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine means that your muscles will be growing quickly
  • This product contains Pepform, which has shown to vastly increase protein synthesis, helping you to get bigger than normal.


  • Taste left a bit to be desired, but was great for a BCAA.

My Final Word on This Supplement

While not my all-time favorite intra workout supplement, Monster Amino does hold a top spot. Keeping you from feeling all of the soreness that comes with a tough workout, that will be thing of the past with this supplement. I would rarely notice any aches after working out, like I constantly did without the aid of a good BCAA compound. It was also nice to be able to get my protein and nitric oxide levels where they needed to be, this really made the difference in how I looked throughout the month that I used this product.

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