My Iron Cuts Review with Results

iron cuts review

One of the biggest names in the world of professional bodybuilding will always be Arnold. I would consider him to be the one person, if I had to name one, that really put this sport on the map. When I first found out that there was going to be a supplement line that literally had his name on it, I was almost drooling. With this review, I will be covering the Iron Cuts supplement, one designed to help you lose fat.

A Brief Overview of This Product

With three different ways to help your metabolism and ensure cutting season goes smoothly, it looks like we are off to a great start. Managing testosterone, reducing cortisol levels (a big source of hard to lose fat), and raising your natural temperature, you are going to be shedding fat all day. Ok, well maybe not all day, as that would be quite dangerous, this one can back up its claims. Based on the legendary namesake behind this product, I am glad to see Arnie on a supplement that does him some justice.

My Results Using Iron Cuts

I have got to say that, overall, this was one of the top fat burners I have tried. At first, I thought this whole 3 ingredients in 1 thing was just a clever ploy. Based on the, roughly, fifteen pounds of fat I lost within a month, it’s obvious it wasn’t. The ingredients made to heighten your testosterone were made to near perfection. Oftentimes, anything that claims to honestly boost your testosterone rarely lives up to what results you end up getting. Not here, my strength gains got better and I could feel myself becoming more assertive and less mild-mannered than I usually would be.

While I trained, I found that I rarely burned myself out. It was almost like I had an extra fuel tank just waiting to be used. These intense second winds pushed me to get fast gains, overall. By name, this supplement wouldn’t be considered a primary muscle builder, but it should be. It is a rare surprise to be as floored as I was with lifting heavier while only using a fat burner. In the past, using a fat burning supplement (which I rarely did), would often kill my weightlifting progress.

Pros and Cons:


  • One of the most effective fat burners around, hands down.
  • With three ways to battle what causes weight gain, you definitely get your moneys worth.


  • Slight bouts of aggression are possible, as this can boost test levels.

My Final Word Concerning This Supplement

As this supplement was being released, many of you were concerned that this was all going to be a let down. The people at Muscle Pharm, with the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger have come together to make a three in one fat burner that is miles above most others. I didn’t find myself feeling queasy after taking this, nor did I feel that it didn’t do enough. Don’t expect drastic weight loss, that is never good for you anyway, regardless of how it might look in the mirror. If you want a way to lose a moderate amount of weight, while also keeping your muscle size intact, give this a shot. If it is good enough to have Arnold’s name on it, it is good enough for me!

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