My Favorite Lifting Songs for the Week: 12/27

Hey, everybody! I hope that you all are having an awesome recovery period, now that the holidays are behind us. For those of you who are looking to get back in the gym, with a vengeance, I wanted to put together a list of some awesome songs that are really driving me to my limits right now. If this gets enough popularity and good feedback, I will be more than happy to keep doing this for you all. Here are my top workout songs that I am digging this week, try some or all of them on your next workout and watch those gains soar!

1. Heavy is the Head – Zac Brown w/ Chris Cornell

Wow, this one starts out fast and doesn’t let up from there! I thought that these two would be an odd combination as it came up on my iPod, but I was wrong. I don’t want to alienate anyone that doesn’t like country music, trust me, this is not a country song. Zac Brown has really branched out on his latest album and he does so to my welcoming ears. The lyrics are great in this one, the music hits you hard and fast, and those screams by Brown and Cornell will get you pumping some serious iron in no time.

2. Blaze of Glory – Bon Jovi

OK, so this one might be the newest song out there, but for me, it is one of my all time favorites. You take that epic intro, those pounding drums, and those hard-edged lyrics and I am in. This one tells the story of a certain old west person that you might know and does so very well. If you don’t feel your heart beating faster and the need to get work done with this song, I don’t know which one could help you. Seriously, come into this song with an open mind and just get it into a playlist and see what I mean.

3. Eminem – Survival

Now, this one is number 3 but don’t think that this has not been number 1 for a long time. Probably my all-time favorite workout song, you can probably know what to expect if you have heard Eminem before, but this one gets me ready to lift more than any of his other songs. I am a huge fan of him and have many of his songs on my playlist but this one is, to me, a cut above the rest. This song is all about how Eminem has been through it all and he isn’t going anywhere, no matter what you do to him. I would love to handpick a single lyric from this one to show how awesome it is, but it is a really tough task to do.

4. Five Finger Death Punch – Under and Over It

I had heard this band before and liked them, but never really loved them. This was the song that changed everything for me. If you are all about heavy metal blasting through those headphones to keep you going strong, it is hard to find a better song than this one.

I hope that you like these songs or will give them a shot for your next workout. I tried to pick something to suit everyone’s needs. Feel free to comment below with your favorites and I will check them out myself. If I like them enough, I will go ahead and put them on future editions of this little new section!

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