My Hyperbolic 10 Review by Professional Supplements

There are supplements that are stacked with beneficial ingredients and then there is Hyperbolic 10. Known as a drink mix that you can use before or during your workout, you know that it is versatile. However, is it worth shelling out the cash to go and pick some of this up? I will let you know that, along with how this supplement worked for me.

hyperbolic 10 review
Use this if you need an all-in-one supplement.

Overview of This Supplement

Looking at the ingredients here, I have no idea how Professional Supplements was able to squeeze so much into each serving of this stuff. This supplement contains no fat, with minimal carbs. Something of interest is that Hyperbolic 10 has full daily servings of some really important ingredients that you need if you are exercising during the week. Glutamine, an essential ingredient for repairing your muscles is in this supplement, as well as: Leucine, Valine, Lysine, and Arginine. For those who don’t know, these are amino acids, which you have got to be getting enough of if you really want to grow. The Arginine is used to promote more no2 activity within your muscles. Combining all of these benefits together, this looks like it could be a supplement that is going to be great to use.

My Results with Taking Hyperbolic 10

When results are mentioned with this supplement, you won’t notice them right off the bat. No, this product is a not a pre-workout powder that will give you energy and it isn’t supposed to be either. What you should expect if you are using Hyperbolic 10 is long-term progress, meaning that you will notice muscle growth occur gradually. The good news is that you are loading up with almost every popular and beneficial ingredient out there.

Whether you are bulking up or trying to lose fat, Hyperbolic 10 could be recommended for either goal. The creatine and nitric oxide boosting properties of this product will add some more power to your weightlifting sets. Also, you have the amino acids that make up this product to keep you healing fast, to get back into lifting those weights again.

I wanted to make a quick point to also say just how great this product tastes. Hyperbolic 10 is a powder that you mix together with water and I wanted to down it all in one drink, it tasted that good. The flavor that I tried was called Power Punch, a fruit punch flavor. The product might leave your lips and tongue a bit red but for all it does for you, it is totally worth it. I found that the powder mixed well by using a spoon and just swirling the mixture around for about thirty seconds.


  • All of the muscle building ingredients that you get, without having to order a bunch of stuff.
  • Flavoring for this supplement is on point, loved the power punch!


  • This supplement can be harder to find.

My Overall Opinion of This Product:

If you want to get a supplement, without having to carry around multiple kinds, that provides you just about everything that you need to take care of your muscles, you have found it. I have always hated having to load my gym bag up with three to five separate supplements, what a chore. Hyperbolic 10 tastes awesome and ensures that you start your workout with the things that your muscles need.


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