My I-GH-1 Review and Results: Sleep Well!

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A Quick History of I-GH-1

I-GH-1 is a supplement that is made by LGSciences, a big name in the supplement world. This product is a HGH supplement, which will mean that it will alter your human growth hormone levels. There are some big benefits to using this product while you are staying fit. One of the most important components to getting results while weightlifting is to get enough sleep. The bad part is that most people, myself included, do not seem to get enough sleep with our busy lives. This is where HGH comes into play as it will aid you into getting a better night’s sleep. In addition to that, this product also works to help to give you more strength and muscle growth. However, a big problem is that, most of the HGH supplements out there flat out are not good.

Most HGH supplements really have had no big effect on me.  There are a couple of main things that I look for to know that I going to be seeing my levels increase. They are the following items that have to be met:

  • Better Sleep – You have got to know that you are going to enjoy more sleep with a good supplement in this category. Getting more sleep is a key way for your body to produce more growth hormone. By sleeping more, you grow more and I think that that is the best way to put this.
  • More Strength – If my body is resting more, than my muscles should be getting some deeper sleep and releasing more growth hormone.

Key Ingredients in this Supplement

This are the main two that will be the most beneficial for you. Let’s now take a closer look at the ingredients to see how they work together. Arginine is in this supplement and I think that this is great for those workout days. What is noticeably different about these kinds of products versus others is that HGH is usually best taken before bedtime. However, with this stuff, you need to take it twenty minutes before your workout, on those work out days. L-Lysine in an ingredient that is used to help with sleep issues. By promoting a deeper and more peaceful sleep, your body will grow and you will have more energy throughout the day.

The Final Word on I-GH-1

When I began taking this supplement, I noticed that my sleep was actually more peaceful. I went from getting a, normal to me, seven hours to getting nine! This might not sound like much, but the sleep was so much more deep than before. However, it wasn’t a deep enough sleep to where I felt groggy the next day. I could just be able to wake up and feel like I was ready to rock for the entire day, very cool feeling! Beyond that, in the gym, I really was able to put up some stronger numbers than I had been able to in a long time (when I was actively training 4-5x a week)! By being more rested, I had ended up setting every one of my workouts to be awesome the next day. The big boost in energy that I had came from getting more sleep every night.  If you are in need of an HGH supplement, I would definitely recommend checking out I-GH-1. It has an awesome list of ingredients, worked really well for me, and is priced decently.

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