Top 5 Most Athletic Wrestlers

With, in my opinion, one of the hardest jobs out there, you have got to give it up for professional wrestlers. With a grueling travel schedule, taking all of those bumps, and working long hours, these men and women do it all. For this list, I wanted to talk about five wrestlers that have the best physiques. If you are lifting weights right now, these are probably the ones that you would most want to look like.

Opinions will always vary when a list is being made, so feel free to leave a comment below for who you think should have been on this list!

  1. John Cena – Hands down, this is a man who is incredibly dedicated to staying fit. If you haven’t seen any of his many Men’s Fitness magazine covers, than you have no idea about the dedication that this guy puts into his workouts. Where most athletes would take off years for a painful injury, Cena will usually return within months. Having thrown his hat into the bodybuilding world before entering a wrestling ring, John Cena continues to show us all that if you never give up, you can attain your dreams.
  2. Bobby Lashley – Wow, this guy looks like he was in the super soldier program that Captain America was! It doesn’t take a long look at Lashley to realize just how much of himself he has put into achieving a muscular physique. Having tried various combat sports, not limited to just professional wrestling but also including MMA, Lashley is not a guy that you would want to mess with!lashley
  3. Scott Steiner – If you can’t tell by this list, I was raised on watching Monday night wrestling television shows. Known by himself as a genetic freak, Scott Steiner is one of the biggest professional wrestlers that I have come across. Often lampooned for his, let’s say non-traditional interview style, Steiner has a beastly physique. Owning a set of the largest bicep peaks out there, Steiner is a legend in the fitness world, just don’t ask him about any math problems.
  4. Lex Luger – If your gimmick was being called a narcissist, you better have a legendary set of muscles to back that up and Luger certainly did! Heralded as one of the top superstars of the 80s and 90s, Luger looked like he was created out of marble. I really don’t ever recall seeing an ounce of fat on Luger’s body. Sadly, he did suffer a spinal stroke in 2007 and was basically wheelchair bound for quite some time. Fortunately, Luger is able to walk now and is doing better, such a inspiring tale of redemption.
  5. Batista – Now, one of those big time movie stars, Batista’s got his start in the celebrity world by appearing on WWE programming. Seriously, if you are a wrestling fan and only know about his recent run, go check some of his older stuff. Batista looked like an already seasoned bodybuilder when he first appeared in a wrestling ring. Rising to fame in the 2000’s, Batista left wrestling to act in movies, you may have heard of one called Guardians of the Galaxy. In 2014, Batista would return back to the wrestling profession to a crowd of boo’s from the rowdy crowd. With a Guardians sequel in the works, along with a big gig in the new James Bond film, I don’t think that we will be seeing Batista return to in-ring action anytime soon.
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