Heavy Athletics is a website made to help others in the fitness community. Whether you need a supplement recommendation or a new workout to pump up those biceps, we are here to help you. If you have seen the home page of this website, you know a little about us. For those who have not, let me give you a little background on the team here at Heavy Athletics.

Mark Robertson – Mark is the “senior” member of our group. No, he isn’t some grandpa walking around the gym. We just give him a slightly hard time because he is the oldest member. He is 34 and has spent a good portion of his lift lifting weights at the gym. You will be seeing a lot of stuff from him as he has the most experience in the workout world out of all us.

Jim Hall – Jim is someone who will try anything once. This is why we will usually put him on the supplement or workout reviews that we don’t want to do. He is our resident madman around here and is always up to something, but always up to no good!

The other members of the team, you will meet on this website less frequently. However, they are still an essential piece of this entire website and their hard work is loved and greatly appreciated!

-The Team at Heavy Athletics