With, in my opinion, one of the hardest jobs out there, you have got to give it up for professional wrestlers. With a grueling travel schedule, taking all of those bumps, and working long hours, these men and women do it all. For this list, I wanted to talk about […]

Top 5 Most Athletic Wrestlers

hyperbolic 10 review
There are supplements that are stacked with beneficial ingredients and then there is Hyperbolic 10. Known as a drink mix that you can use before or during your workout, you know that it is versatile. However, is it worth shelling out the cash to go and pick some of this […]

My Hyperbolic 10 Review by Professional Supplements

1 db overdrive review
Made by 1st Phorm, this supplement is a fat burner, something you would want to utilize when trying to lose weight. I actually really liked the strength of this product. I had energy to burn, while still keeping my food cravings under control. What I really like was that I […]

1-Db Overdrive Review with Results

pump fixx review
Looking back on some of the supplements that I have tried in the past, I found a certain preworkout that I had neglected to review before. Not for any specific reason, just never got around to it. Without further adieu, let’s see how I felt about using Pump Fixx, a […]

My Pump Fixx Results and Review

cell mass review
Before I get too carried away, there is a version two of this supplement. That version will be the one that I am reviewing. Made by BSN, this product is made for the post-workout time frame. By reading this, you are already being more prepared than most are. There are […]

My BSN Cellmass Review and Results

animal pak review
My Animal Pak Review and How I Never Got Sick Without getting into a debate on just how well multivitamins work, there is one that is more popular than any other. This supplement is called Animal Pak and I am sure that most of you have heard of it. This […]

My Animal Pak Results and Review

roid x review
Note: This review is my personal opinion only, click here to visit the official Weight Builder Stack website ( My Weight Builder Stack Review – Boring Name, Serious Gains in Size! Weight Builder Stack: 4/5 stars Click Here to Visit the Official Website of the Weight Builder Stack   The […]

My Weight Builder Stack Review and Results

iron cuts review
My Iron Cuts Review with Results One of the biggest names in the world of professional bodybuilding will always be Arnold. I would consider him to be the one person, if I had to name one, that really put this sport on the map. When I first found out that […]

My Iron Cuts Results: Look as Good as Arnold?

review of xat 7
Top Secret Nutrition has come out with a fat burning supplement that should be anything but a secret! Known as Xat-7, it combines being an anabolic with the power to help you shed that annoying extra fat laying around. The actual name of this product might not make a lot […]

My Xat-7 Review: Seven Ways to Fight Fat

review of finaflex g8
Offering what is known as a complete HGH matrix, Finaflex has come out swinging with this supplement. Finaflex G8 is a supplement that says it will raise your natural human growth hormone levels. I know from trying many different supplements, that more will need to be found out before any […]

My Finaflex G8 Review: Best Tasting Way to Get HGH?